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University Policies

Crime Reporting Policy
It is the policy of Robert Morris University that all employees of the University considered to be “Campus Security Authority” must report immediately to the Police Department all crimes or reports of criminal activity that are brought to their attention.

Robert Morris University considers all faculty members, administrators, managers, supervisors, employees of the Police Department, and employees with significant contact with students, including but not limited to contact through student campus activities, student discipline, student housing, student life administration and intercollegiate athletics to be “Campus Security Authority.”

Professional mental health, pastoral or other licensed professionals legally bound by professional/ client privileges when functioning in that capacity are not subject to this policy. The University permits the anonymous reporting of crimes. All reported crimes will be investigated by the university and may become a matter of public record.

Student and others are encouraged to report crimes immediately to the Robert Morris University Police Department or to appropriate University employees. Only through your help in promptly reporting criminal activity can the University take effective action to prevent crime
and provide timely warnings of possible danger to the community.

How to Report Criminal Actions or Emergencies

The Robert Morris Police Department is open 24 hours a day. All criminal activity and other emergencies on the University campus should be reported immediately by dialing 2424 from any campus telephone or 412-397-2424 from any other telephone. Emergency “Blue Light” telephones and yellow call boxes are strategically located across campus providing direct lines to the Police Department, these phones should only be used for emergencies.
Student Life Policies
Click the links below to review a specific Student Life Policy or Click Here to visit the RMU Student Life policy webpage.
  1. Alcohol Policy
  2. Compliance with University Officials
  3. Drug Policy
  4. Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act
  5. Peaceful Demonstrations
  6. Political and Campaign Events Policy
  7. Sexual Misconduct Policy
  8. Smoking Policy
  9. Solicitation Policy
  10. Student Club & Organization Policies
  11. Weapons Policy
Student Conduct at RMU

All students at Robert Morris University, both undergraduate and graduate, are expected to conduct themselves in a manner supportive of the missions, processes, and functions of the institution. Integrity, respect for the person and property of others, and a commitment to intellectual and personal growth in a diverse population are values deemed fundamental to membership in the University community.
Click the links below to review a specific Student Conduct Policy or Click Here to visit the RMU Student Conduct webpage.
  1. Code of Student Conduct
  1. Introduction
  2. Student Conduct Philosophy
  3. Student Conduct Process Flowchart
  4. Section 1. Organization Philosophy
  5. Section 2. Jurisdiction
  6. Section 3. Overview of the Student Conduct Process
  7. Section 4. University Student Conduct Board
  8. Section 5. Roles of Administration
  9. Section 6. Interim Suspension and Other Administrative Actions
  10. Section 7. Rights of Complainants and Accused Students
  11. Section 8. Responsibilities of Complainants and Accused Students
  12. Section 9. Student Conduct Board Procedures
  13. Section 10. Sanctions
  14. Sanctioning Guidelines
  15. Section 11. Appeals
  16. Section 12. Modification of Procedures
  17. Section 13. Disciplinary Records
  18. Section 14. Involuntary Medical Withdrawal
  1. Code of Student Conduct (pdf)
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  1. E-Check Up To Go Marijuana
  2. E-Check Up To Go Alcohol
  3. Schedule of Alcohol 101 & 102 Sessions